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1) This list is for self-nominations only. Entries submitted on behalf of someone else will be deleted (email
2) If there are multiple entries for a single person, we will delete the older one(s) and save only the newest. This will allow people to update their entries.
3) We are aiming to be inclusive, while also recognizing that there is no way that we can identify all underrepresented groups in a drop down list! We currently have three groupings: racial/ethnic minority (using the US NSF categories of racial and ethnic minorities), person with disability (as a yes/no drop down box) and then a two part question to indicate membership in another underrepresented group, with a follow up free response box where you can elaborate. We do not have an option for gender but women and non-binary genders are encouraged to list themselves; anyone who wants to identify as a particular gender may do so in the free response field. Answering these questions is optional, but we’re hoping will make the list more useful and easily sorted.
4) NOTE TO SEARCH COMMITTEES: We welcome the use of the information provided here for distributing your job announcement, however, please use this list judiciously. As a recent job applicant noted, targeting individuals may be more effective than spam, as a personal email can convince a hesitant applicant! If you elect to send your job announcement to more than one person on the list, make sure to use the ‘bcc’ option to reduce the possibility of a ‘reply-all’ chain. 

NOTE ADDED NOVEMBER 1 2018: We are temporarily not accepting new entries as we migrate to a new site. Stay tuned for updates!